Corporate actions this week: Waaree Renewable Tech to go ex-split; SBI Life, IIFL Securities ex-dividend and more


There are a host of corporate actions scheduled for this week. SBI Life Insurance Company, IIFL Securities, and Kirloskar Ferrous Industries will trade ex-dividend, while Waaree Renewable Technologies will trade ex-split this week.

On Thursday, 14 March, Data Infrastructure Trust and Wonder Electricals (Re 1/share) will trade ex-dividend.

Meanwhile, Autoriders International (Rs 0.5/share), IIFL Securities (Rs 3/share), India Gelatine & Chemicals (Rs 10/share), ISMT (Rs 0.5/share), Kirloskar Ferrous Industries (Rs 3/share), and SBI Life Insurance Company will trade ex-dividend on Friday, 15 March.

The ex-dividend date is when the price of the equity shares of a company gets adjusted for the dividend payout. It is one or two working days before the record date. All the shareholders whose names appear in the company’s list by the end of the record date will be eligible to receive dividends.

Shares of OK Play India (Rs 10 to Rs 1) on Monday, while Waaree Renewable Technologies ( Rs 10 to Rs 2) on Friday will ex-split.

A stock split is usually done to increase the liquidity of the stock in the market. On the ex-split date, investors who are holding the stock until the record date will receive the new shares in Demat accounts, and the stock price will be adjusted according to the split ratio.Shares of Gujarat Ambuja Exports (1:1) and MK Proteins (2:1) on Friday will be ex-bonus.A company issues bonus shares for shareholders to increase the liquidity of the stock as well as to decrease its stock price to make it affordable for investors.

Bonus shares are fully paid additional shares issued by a company to its existing shareholders. When a firm issues bonus shares, its shareholders do not have to incur any extra costs to get them. The number of bonus shares you receive depends on the number of shares of the firm you already hold.

The bonus shares once allotted will rank pari‐passu in all respects and carry the same rights as the existing equity shares and will be entitled to participate in full in any dividend and other corporate actions recommended.

Whereas, the record date for the right issue of Arunjyoti Bio Ventures is fixed on Tuesday, 12 March 2024.

A rights issue is a prevalent form of corporate action where the company invites existing shareholders to buy additional shares in the company at a discounted price within the said period (the cut-off date).

However, as existing shareholders of the company, you do not have an obligation to buy additional shares. If you think the company has a flourishing business, you can apply for the rights issue and increase your stake within the company.


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