France, Germany, Poland to hold talks on Ukraine: Warsaw – Times of India


WARSAW: The leaders of France, Germany and Poland will hold emergency talks on Ukraine in Berlin on Friday, the Polish prime minister announced following discussions on the war-torn country in Washington.
Poland, one of Ukraine’s staunchest allies, has repeatedly urged its Western partners to up their spending on military aid as Kyiv fends off a Russian invasion.
Poland’s president and prime minister met with US President Joe Biden in Washington on Tuesday, shortly after the US leader announced an emergency stopgap package to Ukraine.
“On Friday… I will be in Berlin with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to talk about this situation,” Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk told state broadcaster TVP late Tuesday.
He called an “emergency and unplanned” summit of the Weimar Triangle, a format of French, German and Polish cooperation that was initially created in 1991.
Under its new pro-EU government, Poland has sought to strengthen cooperation with Berlin and Paris as the war in Ukraine enters a third year.
“In my opinion, these three capitals have the task and the power to mobilise all of Europe” to provide Ukraine with fresh aid, Tusk said.


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