Atif Aslam join hands for a soulful rendition of ‘Allah Hu’ – SUCH TV


Since rocketing to stardom in his music career over twenty years ago with Jal, Atif Aslam has come further than anyone can have imagined.

Branching away from his pop music roots years ago, Atif embarked on his spiritual journey with the likes of Tajdar e Haram, Mustafa Jaan e Rehmat Pe Lakhon Salam and Wohi Khuda Hai. Continuing in the same vein, for Ramazan 2024, Atif awed fans by gifting them a present on his own birthday on March 12: a soulful rendition of Allah Hu Allah.

Since his latest video was released just a day ago, Atif’s take on the well-known Naat resonated with his fans around the world, having already garnered over 9000 likes. Within seconds of the opening, his enchanting voice amid a backdrop of the stunning Badshahi Mosque reeled in his viewers from the get-go, unleashing a surge of goosebumps, there to remain all the way until the end of the mesmerising video stretching to nearly five minutes.

“Beautiful kalam, the best thing about Atif is whenever he recites these kalam he does not ruin the true essence and feel of the original kalam he just adds his beautiful voice and feelings to the kalam,” gushed one awestruck viewer.

Performing a Naat or Hamd is something of a personal goal for Atif, and not a stunt he has pulled to attract more fans. He has stated in interviews that this is something he wants to do for himself and his children, and his goal is to one day recite the Azan in Makkah.

Blessed with his powerful voice and his track record, perhaps this is a goal that is not without striking distance.


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