MBTA service resumes on Sunday after derailment, downed wires


Commuters are hoping things are back to normal on Sunday after having to deal with a derailment on the MBTA Green Line and downed Amtrak wires near Ruggles on Saturday.

Shuttle buses replaced service on three of the four MBTA’s Green Line branches due to a derailment in Boston on Saturday.

The B Branch trolley derailed about 8:55 a.m. as it left Kenmore Station headed west, according to the MBTA. Shuttle buses were replacing trains on that branch as well as the C and D branches of the Green Line.

The incident came hours after the same stretch of track reopened after an 18-day shutdown for what the MBTA had deemed critical track work.

“We understand the frustration this incident causes for riders, particularly those who have been awaiting the return of service during construction. We want to assure passengers that we are diligently working to restore regularly scheduled service as soon as possible and investigating the cause,” MBTA General Manager Phillip Eng said in a statement.

There were about 25 people aboard the train that derailed, and no injuries were reported, Eng said. The T was working to return the derailed train to the track.

He noted that more than 70 trolleys had crossed the section of track between 5 a.m., when the track reopened, and when the derailment took place. Before the end of track work, test trains had also run across the track in question.

“We want to assure passengers that we are diligently working to restore regularly scheduled service as soon as possible and investigating the cause. The process of re-railing the trolley is underway, and we expect to restore Green Line service within two hours,” Eng said.

Just before 4:30 p.m. Saturday, the MBTA provided an update saying the train had been successfully re-railed near Kenmore.

At 5:14 p.m., the MBTA said shuttle bus service had been phased out and regular service had resumed.

NBC10 Boston spoke with riders who were impacted by the derailment and they expressed continued frustration with the MBTA.

“It is such a symptom of the total underinvestment in infrastructure and the deterioration of buses, roads are less safe, bridges are less safe,” Deborah Stone said.

“I don’t feel safe, with all the accidents and everything else. It just gets worse, not better,” another MBTA rider said.

The MBTA said it has informed several oversight agencies about the incident: the Federal Transit Administration, Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and the National Transportation Safety Board.

There was more trouble on the T Saturday as shuttle buses were brought in to replace service between Forest Hills and Back Bay due to downed Amtrak overhead wires near Ruggles Station. Riders downtown were encouraged to use the Green Line for alternate service.

According to Keolis, the incident occurred right after 3 p.m. and impacted the Commuter Rail service on the Franklin and Providence lines, meanwhile the Needham line experienced cancelations for a few hours. Amtrak and the T didn’t cancel service but they did have delays due to this situation.


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