Meghan Markle to make Instagram return after raking up followers? Report


Meghan Markle says she distanced herself from social media after going through bullying

Meghan Markle recently opened up about going through cyberbullying during her pregnancies with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. The Duchess of Sussex’s speech got her 120,000 followers on her @meghan account.

Meghan also said that she’s been keeping her distance from social media due to the backlash. Now, experts believe that despite her account getting numerous followers without any new post, she’s not likely to return to the platform due to the negative impact it has had on her mental health.

PR expert Rhea Freeman told The Mirror: “Will Meghan make a comeback to Instagram? Based on her recent comments, I don’t think a comeback is imminent. The detrimental impact that social media can have on people from a mental health point of view, whether celebrity or not, can be huge, but looking at how other high-profile people manage their accounts, some of the tasks are delegated.”

Rhea suggested that this approach would be “a very good idea, she doesn’t need to see the negative comments. They’re not helpful or productive and she won’t change people’s minds when they’re set on hating her.”

PR firm CEO Michelby L. Whitehead also weighed in, saying “Meghan’s decision to step away from Instagram was a great decision from a public relations perspective. In her role as Duchess of Sussex, it is imperative to maintain her integrity and a positive public image. Responding to any negative comments would mar her public perception.”

“This was also a sound decision for the sake of her mental health and the safety of the babies she carried. As an expecting mother, the Duchess chose to protect her peace and her own family…”


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