Meghan Markle social media return impossible due to ‘negative comments’


Meghan Markle will not return to social media after her recent cries about online bullying.

The Duchess of Sussex, who admitted she felt devastated because of the social media bullying during her pregnancies, says she is disappointed.

Amid her comments, PR expert Rhea Freeman told us notes it is tough for the Duchess to return to the channels.

“This would be a very good idea, she doesn’t need to see the negative comments. They’re not helpful or productive and she won’t change people’s minds when they’re set on hating her,” she notes.

Meanwhile, PR firm CEO Michelby L. Whitehead adds: “Meghan’s decision to step away from Instagram was a great decision from a public relations perspective,” the publicity professional explained.

“In her role as Duchess of Sussex, it is imperative to maintain her integrity and a positive public image. Responding to any negative comments would mar her public perception.


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