Buckingham Palace branded a snake pit


King Charles’ monarchy has just been branded a ‘snake pit’ amid Kate Middleton’s photoshop fiasco

Buckingham Palace branded a snake pit
Buckingham Palace branded a snake pit

Buckingham Palace has just been branded a ‘snakepit’ where everything but the truth thrives.

Everything has been issued by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent pieces for

In that piece she touched on Kate Middleton’s latest photoshop fail and the consequences its given birth to.

The piece began with Ms Elser saying, “For weeks now, the trust in Kensington Palace has been being eroded, chunk by chunk, minute by minute, tweet by tweet.”

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“Presented with a vacuum and with a Easter Island-like resolutely silent royal outfit, the internet started to come up with their own dubious, extreme and preposterous conclusions about what was going on.”

Not to mention Prince William and the Middleton’s even stoked that fire on multiple occasions, from Prince William forgoing his godfather King Constantine’s memorial service to the image of Kate Middleton being driven out of Windsor by her mother Carole Middleton.

As of this moment, “The coup de grâce though has been the Kate Photoshop furore, which essentially serves as a corroboration from no lesser a source than the Princess of Wales of what the Sussexes have long said. Basically, plain dealing does not necessarily have a place in the palace snakepit.”


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