Royal family urged to protect Kate Middleton: ‘They’d collapse without her’


Royal family told Kate Middleton is essential part of monarchy as they would not be able to function with her

Amid rising concerns about Kate Middleton’s health and the recent bullying she has been subjected to, the Royal family has been urged to protect the Princess of Wales.

Many Royal fans and followers shared their worries with GB News regarding the Princess of Wales as social media users bully her for editing her now-infamous Mother’s Day photo.

A fan of Kate urged show hosts, Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner, to show some support for the mother-of-three, who still has not recovered from abdominal surgery.

“It was Mother’s Day, it was a photo of a mother and her children. Why would she put up a recent photo when she isn’t at her best?” a viewer said.

“I completely sympathise. If you aren’t feeling at your best, you wouldn’t want to be photographed. Tell us this is a photograph and let us know what it was,” Turner agreed with the viewer.

Another Royal fan addressed the bizarre controversy and said, “I think we should all get off the Princess’s back. She’s a credit to our country.”

Stating that Kate Middleton is “absolutely the best thing” the Royal family have got, Turner said that the Royals “need to protect her for all of our sakes.”

“Because without her, I don’t know what the Royal Family would look like. I genuinely don’t know how much longer it would have left. And we need them, it’s our national identity,” she added.


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