Alaska Airlines passenger arrested after disturbance on San Diego outbound flight


SAN DIEGO (FOX 5/KUSI) — A passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight from San Diego International Airport to Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia was arrested earlier this month, the airline said.

On March 3, the Alaska Airlines Flight 322 passenger, who appeared to be confused, attempted to access the flight deck in a non-violent manner, the airline told FOX 5 in a statement.

“The passenger was noncompliant, which prompted our flight crew to enlist off-duty law enforcement officers to help restrain him,” Alaska Airlines said.

The flight, which was on a Boeing 737, continued to Dulles International Airport without incident and landed safely around 3:30 p.m., according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Alaska Airlines confirmed Virginia law enforcement arrested the passenger who has been banned from traveling with the airline.

The FAA will investigate the incident.


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