Colo. officer killed after suspect opens fire during traffic stop


By Joanna Putman


CORTEZ, Colo. — An officer and a suspect have both been killed after one suspect shot the officer during a traffic stop, KOAT reported.

Sergeant Michael Moran stopped a vehicle on Nov. 28. Shots were fired from the vehicle, which then drove away. Moran was wounded and later succumbed to his injuries, according to the report.

Sergeant Moran is survived by his two daughters.

Sergeant Moran is survived by his two daughters. (Officer Down Memorial Page)

The two suspects inside the vehicle exchanged gunfire with other responding officers. One suspect was killed by officers, and the other was taken into custody.

Sergeant Moran was a Marine Corps veteran and had served the Cortez Police Department for 11 years, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page. He is survived by his two daughters.


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