Activists violently clash with security at Crufts dog show


Protesters from animal rights group PETA were dragged out of the Crufts dog show after they stormed the event this evening.

Footage from the scene shows a violent struggle with security as the protesters attempted to get onto the showground.

Security guards fought to stop protesters from reaching the centre space, however one was able to evade them and held up posters in the middle of the arena.

The footage showed the brawl moving into the seating area with one man trying to force a woman to let go of the barrier she was holding, as the crowd shouted get out and barked abuse at the group.

The woman and another man were then collared by security and forcibly removed with the man being carried by his arms and legs and another pulled by their neck.

Protesters dropped a banner that read ‘boycott breeders’ and another activist attempted to get onto the arena floor with the same message.

Peta has since accepted responsibility for the incident.

It came just moments after Australian Shepherd, Viking, was named best in show at the event held at the NAC in Birmingham.

Those watching from home responded with surprise, one tweeter said: “I heard some loud shouting in background in best of show in Crufts just now. Protest? Anyone else hear it?”

Revellers in the stands shouted “no violence” at security as the event descended into farce as the second-placed dog was being shown and the event continued despite the protest.

Following the disruption, PETA bosses said they had taken the action in protest against the breeding of “deformed and disabled animals”.

PETA Senior Campaigns Manager Kate Werner said: “Crufts glorifies the breeding of deformed and disabled animals.

“PETA urges everyone to avoid this archaic canine beauty pageantry and asks those looking to give dogs a loving home to never buy from a breeder and adopt a lovable, loyal companion from their local shelter.”

I heard some loud shouting in background in best of show in Crufts just now. Protest? Anyone else hear it?


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