Daylight Saving Time brings far different sunrise/sunset times; May-Level temps return this week




Sunday brings the start of Daylight Saving Time and far different sunrise and sunset times. 

  • Chicago’s sunrise will now occur in the 7 o’clock hour for the next week, while sunset will take place late in the 6 o’clock hour.  

Early next week, Chicago’s sunrise time will happen in the 6 o’clock hour until the third week of April. Morning light will continue to come earlier and earlier into June when the area’s earliest sunrises of the year will take place around 5:14 AM.

It will take longer for the sunset times to become noticeably later in the evening.  Starting next week, the sun will set in Chicago in the 7 o’clock hour until the second week of May.  The area will then enjoy evening daylight lasting into the 8 o’clock hour for nearly three months, with the latest sunsets happening around 8:30 in late June and early July. 

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