RIP, Deadspin


The era of horrendous sports marinated in wokeism is over. Deadspin, a refuge for Gawker writers after that site was forced to close shop following the Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit, will no longer exist in its current format. It’s been absorbed by a European media company, which intends to fire every single current employee (via Axios): 

G/O Media, formerly Gizmodo Media Group, has sold sports blogging site Deadspin to European firm Lineup Publishing, a new digital media rollup company, CEO Jim Spanfeller announced in a note to staff Monday. 

Why it matters: The firm, which was acquired by private equity firm Great Hill Partners in 2019, has been slowly offloading sites as pressure mounts from investors to make a return on its investment. 

Details: In the memo, Spanfeller said none of Deadspin’s existing staff will move over with the site as part of the deal and the new owners will “instead build a new team more in line with their editorial vision for the brand.” 

Impacted staffers were notified Monday that they were being let go from G/O Media, marking the third round of cuts at the firm in less than a year. 

I usually feel bad for those who lose their jobs, but not here. The site was obnoxious and hilariously bad at covering sports, force-threading far-left talking points into stories where they had no place. They tried to go after Ted Cruz in 2017, but they got miserably owned. 

Current Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel was attacked for being just another white guy taking a top job in the league, which forced an embarrassing correction: McDaniel is biracial. 

Their latest faceplant involved an atrocious article attacking a. young Kansas City Chiefs fan for wearing face paint of the team’s colors, attacking the youngster as a racist. The fan, Holden Armenta, 9, was Native American. Yes, the family was in the process of taking legal action against the site. 

So, so long, Deadspin—you won’t be missed.


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