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Jamun Ka Darakht, a poignant short film directed by Rafay Rashdi, has added another prestigious accolade to its collection by winning the Best Human Rights Short Film prize at the Vancouver International Movie Awards. This triumph marks the film’s third international recognition, solidifying its impact and resonance on the global stage.

Taking to Instagram, Rafay shared, “We’ve won our third award at the Vancouver International Movie Awards for Best Human Rights Film Short Film. Vancouver here we come! Also garnered two honorable mentions at the Future of Film Awards, Yugoslavia and Athens International Art Film Festival. Congratulations to the cast and crew.”

The Vancouver International Movie Awards has bestowed its coveted honour upon Jamun Ka Darakht, acknowledging the film’s powerful exploration of human rights issues. Rafay’s directorial prowess and the film’s compelling narrative have seemingly resonated with the audience, earning it a place among the best in its category.

Prior to this recent achievement, Jamun Ka Darakht had already secured two notable awards. The film clinched the Outstanding Achievement for Indie Short at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, highlighting its excellence in independent filmmaking. Additionally, it received the Best Social Justice Film accolade at the esteemed World Film Festival in Cannes, underlining its commitment to addressing pertinent social issues.

Renowned scriptwriter Bee Gul, celebrated for her storytelling finesse, has lent her creative brilliance to this thought-provoking short film. Teasing the audience with an unveiled trailer on Rafay’s Instagram, the collaboration between the duo promises an exploration of intricate nuances surrounding consensuality between individuals.

Rafay had earlier posed a profound question in his Instagram post, urging contemplation on the depth of consensuality between a man and a woman. He challenged, “How far will we go to determine the notion of consensuality between a man and a woman? A choice is ever-present. The audience will be the arbitrator of the judgment.”

While character details remain discreet, the predominantly female ensemble hints at a narrative delving into manipulative dynamics orchestrated by Adnan Siddiqui’s character. The trailer tackles sensitive themes such as harassment, sexual assault, and blind lust without consent, promising an uncomfortable yet compelling viewing experience. Bee Gul’s impactful dialogues contribute to the discomfort, paving the way for a thought-provoking and intense cinematic journey.

The film marks Adnan’s much-anticipated return to the screen, heightening the excitement surrounding the project. The ensemble cast, featuring supermodels Maha Tahirani and Fouzia Aman, alongside actors Saman Ansari, Syeda Ramsha Nawal, Ahad Touqeer, Zara Usman, Yogeshwar Karera, and Irfan Motiwala, reflects a diverse and talented lineup.

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