In Pennsylvania, It Seems Joe Biden’s Memory Drugs Wore Off


Whatever cocktail Biden’s doctors pumped him full of on Thursday night has worn off. Those memory drugs only last so long, but they got him through the State of the Union—somewhat—where the president declared war on the Republican Party. While Biden fumbled and slurred through the speech, he was able to drive home the key points to energize his base. Whether he can sustain energy levels among the Democratic Party base can be answered now—it won’t. Because right after this speech, which to some lefties thought put to bed his cognitive decline, Biden urged Pennsylvania voters to send him back to Congress:

Joe is cooked upstairs; this isn’t new. We’re bound to see more of these trip-ups, and this wasn’t the worst one. He also touted how he grew the national debt.

“We added more to the national debt than any president in his term in all of history!”

That’s not good, Joe. That possibly was a teleprompter error, but still, what a mess.

Biden’s State of the Union was one of the most divisive, partisan speeches in recent memory. For Democrats, it was a great address, showing the president can throw punches. For everyone else, it was a descent into madness.

Biden is weak, not just in the polls but with crucial voting blocs in the Democratic Party. Young voters, Muslim Americans, Hispanics, blacks, and the rank-and-file labor union members are not pleased with this administration. A polished, pre-packaged address wouldn’t cut it with these groups, so I can see why Joe came out like a bull in a China closet. It still doesn’t mean it was right. If you must go crazy like that to win back your base, maybe that’s the political gods telling you something: you shouldn’t run again. Gallup showed that 61 percent think Biden doesn’t deserve a second term. Eighty-six percent of those WaPo/ABC News polled felt he was too old.

 ‘Send me back to Congress.’  What other mental flubs will Joe drop this cycle?


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