Mirzapur division leads Uttar Pradesh’s industrial growth with top investments


Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), March 10 (ANI): The Mirzapur division of Purvanchal has emerged as a frontrunner in Uttar Pradesh’s industrial development, securing the top position in terms of investments across the 75 districts and 18 divisions of the state, according to an official release on Saturday.

Within this division, the Sonbhadra district stands out prominently, leading in terms of investments among all 75 districts.

Sonbhadra, once notorious for Naxal activities, has surpassed even economically robust districts like Ghaziabad and Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida/Greater Noida). With investments exceeding Rs 81,000 crore in the top 5 projects alone, Sonbhadra in the Mirzapur division is witnessing significant economic growth, the state government said.

When considering investments across all three districts of the division–Mirzapur, Sonbhadra, and Bhadohi–the total surpasses Rs 86,000 crore.

Meerut, Jhansi, Lucknow, and Moradabad divisions follow closely behind in the ranking of top 5 investments, securing the second, third, fourth, and fifth positions, respectively.

Notably, on February 19, the Yogi government set a remarkable milestone by initiating investments worth Rs 10.24 lakh crore through the groundbreaking ceremony, marking a significant step towards the state’s economic development.

Sonbhadra, living up to its name, has emerged as a prime investment hub in Uttar Pradesh. Situated in the eastern region of the state and part of the Mirzapur division, this district shares its borders with Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh. Known for its abundant mineral resources, Sonbhadra was plagued by Naxal activities for decades post-independence.

However, under the Yogi government’s administration, significant strides have been made in ensuring robust law and order, improved connectivity, electricity, roads, and other essential infrastructure in Sonbhadra and the neighbouring Mirzapur district.

This transformation has made Sonbhadra an attractive destination for major industrial players. Five significant projects in the three districts of the division have collectively attracted investments totalling Rs. 86,207 crores.

Notably, the top investments in Sonbhadra focus on thermal power and pumped storage plants, with each of the top five investor companies committing no less than Rs 13,000 crores.

Additionally, companies operating in the cement, ethanol, and minerals sectors have directed their investments towards Mirzapur. Meanwhile, Bhadohi has witnessed substantial investment in the carpet industry.

These investments are projected to create approximately 16,197 jobs across the Mirzapur division, signalling promising economic growth and employment opportunities for the region.

The Meerut division has witnessed a significant investment, with a total of Rs 76,204 crore being injected through the top five projects across its six districts. Notably, the lion’s share of this investment, amounting to Rs 56,800 crore, has been directed towards Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida/Greater Noida), underscoring its position as a prime investment destination.

In addition to this significant investment in Gautam Buddha Nagar, other districts within the division have also witnessed substantial investments. Baghpat received Rs 1,558 crore, Bulandshahr received Rs 7,553 crore, Ghaziabad received Rs 4,900 crore, Meerut received Rs 2,777 crore, and Hapur received Rs 2,616 crore.

From an employment perspective, the Meerut division stands out as the leader in the state. The top five investments across all six districts are projected to create a total of 125,047 employment opportunities, promising significant economic growth and job prospects for the region.

Jhansi division secures the third position in terms of top 5 investments, with a total investment of Rs 20,548 crore across its three districts: Jhansi, Jalaun, and Lalitpur. These investments are expected to create 6,550 employment opportunities, contributing to economic development in the region.

Meanwhile, Lucknow division takes the fourth position in terms of top 5 investments, encompassing six districts including the state capital. With projects worth Rs 18,347 crore set to be implemented, the division is poised for significant economic growth.

Among the top 5 projects across all districts, notable investments include Rs 7,374 crore in Lucknow, Rs 3,502 crore in Sitapur, and Rs 3,585 crore in Unnao. In total, these investments are anticipated to generate 21,650 employment opportunities, fostering job creation and prosperity in the Lucknow division.

Similarly, the Moradabad division secures the fifth position in terms of top 5 investments. With projects totalling Rs 16,369 crore underway across its five districts, the division demonstrates significant economic activity.

Notable investments include Rs 6,978 crore in Moradabad, Rs 3,472 crore in Amroha, and Rs 2,822 crore in Rampur. In total, these investments are projected to create 22,520 employment opportunities, driving economic growth and development in the Moradabad division, the government release added. (ANI)


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