Defiant Harry will return to UK despite failing to secure armed security


Prince Harry is still determined to return to the UK despite losing in the High Court against the Home Office over whether his security should be returned to him, according to an expert.

The expert claimed that the Duke of Sussex will not be put off coming to Britain, and will still want to see his father King Charles as he continues to receive cancer treatment.

When Harry left the Royal Family behind to move to the US it was decided by RAVEC (Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures) in February 2020 that he would no longer be given the “same degree” of publicly-funded protection when he travels to the UK.

The Duke challenged the decision, however the court found in favour of the Home Office and their decision not to offer him the same level of protection afforded to working royals still stands.

Former head of royal protecton Dai Davies told The Mirror: “He won’t be put off, his Chief of Protection appears to be an ex-Sergeant in royalty protection and is obviously highly trained.

“The other thing is even if he [Harry] doesn’t have armed protection, he will get the liasion structure that would go with it. In other words, as far as it’s humanly possible if RAVEC decided through intelligence – and they get the best intelligence there is – after this furore over his protection, you can rest assured they have gone over it.

“They have stood by it, the government has stood by it, and the Home Office. It’s nothing personal, and as a former professional, I would apply those principles of, ‘Is it necessary and does the intelligence warrant it?’

“Every time he’s been here of late, to see his father or royalty, he’s had royalty protection.”

Mr Davies also pointed out: “The last time somebody drew a gun was in 1974 when Princess Anne was attacked in the Mall and that’s the last time a role to protection officer actually drew their gun so the risk level is low. It’s not to say it can’t happen, of course it can.”

At the beginning of February, weeks before the decision about his security was made public, Harry flew over to London from Los Angeles for a flying visit after hearing about his father’s cancer diagnosis.

The Duke was one of the few people informed personally by the King about his illness before Buckingham Palace released a statement on February 5.


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