Team Biden’s Shameless, Embarrassing Lies About the Special Counsel’s Damning Findings


You’d think they’d at least try to lie a little bit more subtly and skillfully than this, but I suppose they’re working with what they’ve got.  Pity poor Ian Sams, the Biden flak whose job is to spray nonsense against the wall and hope that it’ll stick.  Look at this comment on that was eagerly shared by the Biden campaign, which makes an assertion that is directly refuted by the Special Counsel’s report and testimony.  Sams made a choice to say this, and the campaign made a choice to amplify it.  These were poor choices:

In fact, the Special Counsel report found that Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency,” including docs marked Top Secret and above.  It’s literally the opposite of what Sams claimed.  Hur repeated the finding under oath:

“Willfully retained.”  Just so we are all crystal clear, these are crimes:

If Hur is lying about Biden’s memory and mental acuity, as Democrats fume, then Biden should be charged for over his myriad illegal acts. His manifest senility and lapses (including forgetting the word for ‘fax machine’ and getting repeatedly disoriented about when  in his life happened) were Hur’s off ramp from doing so.  Remember, in his ornery press conference the night the report was initially released, Biden not only confused Mexico and Egypt; he also angrily asserted that the Special Counsel had not accused him of providing classified materials to his memoir’s ghost writer.  But the Special Counsel had done precisely that, as was explicitly described on page three of the report:

And then there’s this:

Oh. Hur said the writer offered “plausible” explanations as to avoid obstruction charges, but perhaps that decision should be revisited. Biden also indignantly accused the Special Counsel of gratuitously bringing up his son Beau’s death, asking “how the hell dare he?”  The transcripts confirm that Biden himself raised that subject, as he so often does — often deeply distorting the circumstances of that sad event.  Meanwhile, they say a good lawyer never asks a question in open testimony to which he or she doesn’t already know the answer.  But I’m not sure anyone ever accused Jerry Nadler of being a good lawyer.  Oops:

I’ll leave you with these…suboptimal exchanges for the Democrats:

It has been wild but unsurprising to see partisans, including journalists, try to spin yesterday’s proceedings into a win for Biden and his party.  Delusional.  But aggressive, delusional lying is how our politics operate these days.


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